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Make your ad stand out and see the offers shoot through the roof

Promoting your ad simply means that you can give it a push on the webpage where it is listed or give it much higher visibility than a normal ad. This would result in a greater number of people checking out your ad and thus a much higher chance that you will get better deals for your products, services and needs from the ads you post on ADSCT. You can promote your ad in three ways.

Top Ads

With this feature, your ad will be listed on the top in search results for the category of your ad. For instance, if you post an ad to sell your car by using the Top Ads feature, whenever somebody searches for cars on sale, your ad will be displayed separately on top of the search results page in the Top Ads section. The views and responses to your ad will skyrocket which increases the chances of getting a more profitable deal. Your ad stays in this section for different durations of time depending on the chosen plan.

  • $4.90 for 7 Days
  • $8.90 for 14 Days
  • $16.90 for 30 Days

Urgent Ads

Urgent ads feature will add a green strip on the top left corner of your ad with the word ‘URGENT AD’ written across it. This will show the viewer that you are looking for a quick sell or buy offer and want to seal a deal as soon as possible. So, you can find a seller or buyer of stuff you need who is also in as much hurry as you are. This is the best possible way to speed up the response to your ads as well as bring in exciting offers. The urgent ad strip will stay on your ad for duration depending on the chosen plan.

  • $6.90 for 7 Days
  • $12.90 for 14 Days
  • $24.90 for 30 Days


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